Quanda S. Francis for NYC Mayor


I am running for the highest office in New York City.  I feel honored to run. I feel obligated to run.


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Why Am I Running?

Because for too long, corporate interests and the wealthy have had a disproportionate say in how our city has been run. It is time for the people to have a voice and a choice.

As a data scientist, entrepreneur, Ph.D. candidate, wife, and mother who was born and raised in New York City, I want better for the city where I reside—the city where you reside as well.

I want New York City to be a place where everyone has a fair chance, where opportunity abounds, and our behaviors towards one another reflect compassion and benevolence.

I Cannot Do It Without You 

My fellow candidates are fueled by large donations from the rich and powerful. My campaign is fueled by determination, cooperation, and perseverance. 

In early January, my campaign suffered a tremendous blow when our campaign chairperson, Thomas Francis, passed away suddenly. Thomas Francis was more than my mentor and guide; he was my father-in-law. Our loss is inexplicable, but he would want us to prepare diligently. Our loss is immeasurable, but he would want us to press on. Our loss is debilitating, but he would want us to push through.

You can accelerate the momentum, support the movement, and give life to the manifestation by donating to the campaign.

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Your donations help to ensure that a candidate who is about the people, for the people, and of the people becomes your next mayor. Here’s how you can help. Send Ten ($10) every month, every other week, or every week because the campaign could surely use your help. Ten dollars ($10) a week is less than two dollars ($2) per day. Ten dollars ($10) every other week is less than one dollar ($1) a day. If you can only give ten dollars ($10) a month which is thirty-three cents ($,33) a day, that would be appreciated as well.

But just don’t give. Tell a friend. Then, tell that friend to tell his/her friends. You can visit my website at www.quandafrancis.com.

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Thank you for your time and contribution to building a New York City that works for everyone.

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The “ONE” For 2021!


Quanda S. Francis is a visionary leader, change agent, native New Yorker, mother of three, including a son with a disability, wife and first-generation college graduate who was born and raised in a housing development in Brooklyn, NY.

Quanda earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from New York University, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Long Island University and she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Information Science from Long Island University.  She is currently an Accountant, Data Scientist, and the President of Sykes Capital Management, a cutting-edge FinTech firm that is based in New York City.

But Life was not always this way for Quanda! She dropped out of high school and was pregnant with her first child, all by the age of 17-years old. She was a victim of domestic violence and had to overcome tremendous adversity. And she did, and NOW she is running for Mayor!

She believes we need new leadership in City Hall that serves, not dictates, that consolidates, not separates and lastly, leadership that understands the importance of implementing data driven public policies.

Her platform encompasses this notion:

8.5 million residents, 5 boroughs and 1 mission, to build a New York City that works for everyone!